Steam Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Carpets and rugs are often among the dirtiest things in any home or office. Their fibers trap various kinds of bacteria, as well as dirt and allergens. Therefore, if you want to make your house or workplace more health-friendly, you should use our fairly priced steam carpet and rug cleaning service in Wimbledon. We, from Monster Cleaning Wimbledon, promise to not only make your carpeting clean but to also make it look like new.

Inexpensive steam carpet and rug cleaning in Wimbledon

We provide innovative steam cleaning of carpets and rugs in Wimbledon which heavily relies on the use of new-generation steaming machines. This method provides the best possible results and it does not stretch, discolor, or damage the treated carpets or rugs in any way. Here it should be noted that we have one of the most competitively priced steam carpet and rug cleaning services in Wimbledon. Don’t worry our low rates are not a result of poor quality but of honest pricing policy and attractive deals. Combine our comprehensive carpet cleaning with our speedy end of tenancy cleaning service and you only have to pay half the price. Also, new customers who decide to use this winning combination will enjoy a £10 discount if the two services they book have a total value of over £100. But even without a deal, our prices are unbeatable. Our polite staff in London will clean a small rug for barely £14 and a hallway carpet for just £12.

Our team does not advise anyone to try treating a stain or a dirty carpet by using any DIY cleaning methods that are on the internet especially when it comes to using natural ingredients like vinegar. Carpets and rugs are made out of very delicate materials and they can easily be damaged if they aren’t cleaned properly. That’s why we use steam – an effective, powerful yet very gentle and non-toxic cleaning method that will remove all of the accumulated dirt, dust, and other impurities, will lift off stains and will kill bacteria without any risks of discoloration, damage, etc.

How does it work

When you hire us for an effective steam carpet and rug cleaning in Wimbledon we will first send one of our qualified carpet and rug cleaning experts to inspect the carpeting. After our helpful professionals determine the materials and the style of your carpet or rug, they will save you a cleaning appointment. It should be noted that the visitation will be scheduled on any day of the week you choose. We work 365 days a year so whatever you decide, it won’t be an issue or an inconvenience for us.

During the first stage of the cleaning process, we will carefully vacuum clean your carpeting to eliminate the top layer of built-up soil and dirt. If there are any stains on the carpet or the rug, we will clean them using green and bio-degradable cleaning products. Next, we will spray the entire surface of the carpeting with a health-friendly cleaning solution which will prepare the fibers for the most important part of the process – the steam cleaning. We, at Monster Cleaning Wimbledon, will use modern steamers that will quickly remove all the dust from the carpet and kill off all the germs and microorganisms in it. When we finish, it will seem as if you have a brand new carpet.

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