About Us

Everyday life brings a lot of challenges. No matter if you are stressed about work or family issues, sometimes you can’t help but think “I’m only human, I can’t deal with all that!” That’s what gave us the idea of our name – Monster Cleaning Wimbledon – a powerful clean that gives you time and energy for things that make you happy.

We have more than 10 years of experience in domestic and office cleaning and we pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction. We will cover any cleaning chore you might have so that you can spend your free time however you like. We created our company because we want to help everyone by doing what we do best – providing cleanliness.

In order to provide the most powerful, long-lasting clean, we never seize to improve our techniques. We spent years testing different detergents, material, and cleaning machines and now we are confident that we only use the best on the market. Our Cleaners in Wimbledon are dedicated to preserving the environment and that is why we use eco-friendly solutions, which are also absolutely harmless to pets and children. Our cleaning techniques not only bring the shine back to your home but also guarantees healthy indoor air and sanitized, bacteria-free surfaces which is of great importance to your well-being. Professional cleaning is highly beneficial for children and people with asthma.

The biggest advantage of our company is the team of friendly, efficient and motivated people that we’ve built through the years. All of our cleaners and technicians have been police checked, vetted, and insured. They are trained by experts to identify different fabrics, surfaces, materials that allow them to choose the best cleaning method for each occasion, avoiding any possible damage.

The customers’ service representatives in our office have been trained to evaluate the service you need based only on a phone call, which allows them to provide absolutely free of charge quotations which don’t oblige you in any way. As we previously stated we want to help everyone and that is exactly why we won’t overcharge you. In fact, our services are quite affordable and budget-friendly so if you are debating whether to get in touch with us – check out our price list.

At Monster Cleaning Wimbledon we work with dozens of landlords and real estate agencies, who trust us with the hygiene of their properties.

We value our success by the number of returning customers. One of our main goals is building a relationship of loyalty and trust with our customers, this is why we believe in hard work, transparency and we are always open for recommendations. We are proud of our high returning customer rate and it gives us the courage to keep growing. Cleans are conducted from Monday until Sunday, mornings and afternoons. You can choose to be present during the cleaning or simply be back in the end to inspect.

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